Why was this site developed?

Mistakes may happen when you need to be more informed or educated about residential air conditioning. ACTruth was developed for just that — to better educate and prevent homeowners of Southwest Florida from making a huge mistake. We wanted to create a homeowner resource that helps provide guidance when purchasing or servicing your air conditioning system. Purchasing a new air conditioning system is a ten-to-fifteen-year commitment, so it is essential to understand what you’re buying. Unfortunately, not all HVAC contractors have you, the homeowner, as their #1 priority.

Basic knowledge contained on this website includes:

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from the memory.”

Also included are some inside trade secrets:

Consumer protection help is available through BBB. Check BBB reviews for added knowledge and peace of mind. Reporting a company to a consumer hotline or the Better Business Bureau after the fact is too LATE!

This blog was last updated on January 5, 2023.

5 thoughts on “Why was this site developed?

  1. Thanks for all this info. I have signed up for more info. My home is 9 years old and has 1800 sq. ft. (approx.) and my annual LCEC bill usually runs @ $1000 or less.

  2. What are the thoughts behind installing UV lights ( with the very expensive bulb to replace every year) in the AC unit ?. Is this worth doing or a waste of money?

  3. As air conditioning contractor I am 120% agree with you about sizing air conditioning system, duct cleaning and all above. I hope most companies knew how to properly size the air conditioning system (square feet is not answer for sizing main thing is a load).

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