It’s NOT the Heat – It’s the Humidity! How do you control it?

True home comfort is when your air conditioning system provides your home with acceptable humidity control and comfortable temperature, all while performing quietly.

What is acceptable humidity control? – When your home’s humidity is under 50% with the ultimate goal to be in the 42% to 45% range.

How to Control Your Humidity: 

1st) An accurate load calculation (a computer program that calculates your home’s exact cooling and heating BTUH requirements) MUST be performed. Please! No rule of thumb, guessing or just replacing with the size you presently have. This will lead to a poor performing system and unacceptable humidity control.

FACT: Today’s single speed air conditioning systems under perform older systems in humidity control by upwards of 30%. This is the result of Federal Government Department of Energy intrusion in the engineering of air conditioning systems, mandating higher efficiency with no consideration for those who live in a subtropical environment. For engineering information to show the results of this intrusion on your Southwest Florida Home, click here.

Note: An air conditioning system can only remove humidity when it is running, therefore an over sized unit will not  remove moisture sufficiently, due to short run times.

FACT: Every time your system comes on it takes up to ten minutes of run time before it will start to do any significant dehumidification in your home. Therefore the first ten minutes is mainly  producing only what is termed “sensible cooling” which lowers the homes temperature and satisfies your thermostat. Your system may shut off before any significant dehumidification is obtained, and if your system is over sized this just magnifies the dehumidification problem.   

2nd) The best product on today’s market for True Home Comfort is a full Variable Speed System. This product is designed to vary the speed of both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit to provide you with the humidity level and the temperature you desire. Upon start up both the outdoor unit’s compressor and the indoor unit’s fan varies in speed to maximize the humidity removal from your home.

FACT:  An outdoor unit running at a higher speed and the indoor unit running at a lower speed will allow the indoor coil to get to a much lower temperature, enabling an increased amount of dehumidification to occur.

What is YOUR comfortable temperature setting? – Comfortable temperature varies with most people, therefore move your thermostat setting as high as possible to keep your home comfy. The higher you can set your thermostat, the less power consumption. Therefore, lower electric costs. To see the relation between your home’s humidity and temperature, click here for your personal comfort.

What is quiet running performance?:  – No noise should be heard from your indoor unit. Most noise from your indoor unit is usually caused from a poorly designed and installed duct system, causing extreme strain on your indoor blower motor. Besides the objectionable noise, premature failure of your indoor blower motor is assured. The next area of objectionable noise is from the air distribution system; this could be in both supply and also return grills. Undersized grills or lack of the number needed to provide quiet operation. Duct systems that are undersized will also cause unwanted noise levels.

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