How to Properly “Charge” your AC System

The following is a quick overview of procedures needed to properly charge your air conditioning system:

Refrigerant charging might be the least understood practice in the air conditioning industry next to the number one problem–airflow!

Tools needed to do the proper job:

  • Magnahelic Differential Pressure Gauge (to verify the correct airflow)
  • Refrigerant gauges (that have been calibrated)
  • Accurate thermostat probes (that have been calibrated)
  • Superheat charging charts
  • Temperature split charts

The following procedures are a MUST:

  • All coils, filters and blower wheel must be clean
  • Airflow must be known within manufacturer’s specifications
  • Outdoor temperature must be above 60 degrees and indoor above 70 degrees
  • Indoor wet bulb temperature must be known
  • Once the charge has been adjusted, waiting 15 minutes to verify accuracy of adjustments


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