There are two main and popular methods of providing you with heating comfort during our heating season. Southwest Florida’s heating season has varied degrees of need. Some seasons are quite short while other seasons can be long and expensive.

The most prevalent method is strip heat, which is incorporated in the indoor unit (air handler) portion of your air conditioning system. This will do the job over most heating seasons, but it can be quite costly to operate if the season is cooler or longer than normal, also some owners are not physically comfortable due to the drying effect from the strip heat on their skin.

For the most comfort on your body and your pocket book is a heat pump system or, also referred to as a reverse-cycle system. This is the process  for your system to provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Initial cost is more but you will save the money back through power bill savings. Fact is, a heat pump is approximately four times more efficient than electric strip heat.

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