Mold and Your Air Conditioning System

A well trained air conditioning contractor is your indoor air quality (IAQ) specialist when addressing cooling, basic filtration and ventilation for your home. But when it comes to air particle testing, taking mold samples, biological identification, mold remediation or health issues, you should look to a specialist for help. These tests are outside the licensing and expertise of a typical air conditioning contractor.

At what point can mold become a threat? Mold has been called “Mother Nature’s reclaiming process.” Mold spores are literally everywhere. A typical healthy house is host to tens of thousands of mold spores. The problem begins when mold spores find an environment where they can reproduce exponentially. Mold needs moisture to grow. Control the moisture and you can control mold growth. Good housekeeping keeps it in check, the problem is often easily cleaned up.

In rare cases mold can be caused by your air conditioning system due to lack of maintenance, clogged or leaking drain lines etc. These air conditioning related causes can usually be corrected by a qualified air conditioning contractor.

Beware of scare tactics from a service person when he/she tells you how ‘mold infested’ your system is. This is referred to by air conditioning contractors as “black gold.” (Money-makers!)